Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Thoughts on Tznius

When I was not yet twelve
My teacher said to me
The most important part of tznius
Is to cover each knee

I wonder what she'd say now
If she saw me this way
Knees not quite covered by the drape
As on my back I lay

And when I got to high school
I heard most every week
Don't ever show your elbows
If purity you seek

I wonder what they'd say now
If they saw me sitting tight
Sleeve pushed more than halfway up
As my blood flows through the pipe

And every summer, while at camp
I knew it was the rule
Don't you ever, ever dare expose
Your midriff at the pool

I wonder what they'd say now
If they saw me standing here
My belly sure ain't under wraps
As I stab the needle there


Anonymous said...

G-d willing you will be in these revealing positions at a happier time!

Sun inside Rain said...


Must be so hard....

Amen to Anonymous's bracha.

Devorah said...

Let me tell you one thing my friend
Though it may be hard to hear
Hashem understands what you're going through
When you prick yourself over there

It’s the right thing for you to do right now
Although it’s really hard
Looking down from shamayim they’d give you
An A+ on your tznius report card!

And AMEN to Anonymous's bracha-I couldn't have said it better!

Anonymous said...

the irony is amusing - as sad as the content may be, i smiled as i read it.

the way you manage to cope with all this seems to be unique and special. i can't promise you that circumstances will change, but i can tell you that if you keep this strength and power of yours, something good will come out of it.