Sunday, March 27, 2011


Been a week since last injection
I'm feeling kind of queasy
Could this be what it feels like?
It really seemed too easy.

I've said all my tehillim
My back begins the aching
And 40 days of shmiras peh
Has been mine for the taking

My husband's feeling hopeful
And I start to feel the same
Could this really be the very month
That G-d picked our name?

But yet another disappointment
My heart has again borne
Now it's time to start another round
Of drives in early morn.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

To Darius, Son of Esther

You are the son she never asked for
Never wanted

You were born to an unwilling mother
Forced to leave her husband for your father

A yiddeshe mamme
With a child who considered himself of another faith

Did you ever hear your mother crying?
Did you ever stop to think of her pain?

She gave up everything for her nation
A nation that you did not call your own.

I often think of your mother's hidden pain
As her name reveals, Esther was adept at hiding

And I hide, too.
Perhaps those monthly lost chances
would have turned out to be you.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Thoughts on Tznius

When I was not yet twelve
My teacher said to me
The most important part of tznius
Is to cover each knee

I wonder what she'd say now
If she saw me this way
Knees not quite covered by the drape
As on my back I lay

And when I got to high school
I heard most every week
Don't ever show your elbows
If purity you seek

I wonder what they'd say now
If they saw me sitting tight
Sleeve pushed more than halfway up
As my blood flows through the pipe

And every summer, while at camp
I knew it was the rule
Don't you ever, ever dare expose
Your midriff at the pool

I wonder what they'd say now
If they saw me standing here
My belly sure ain't under wraps
As I stab the needle there