Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sister Dearest

I know your smile
I know your grin
and I know the different nuances between them

I know your walk
I know your waddle
and I know when you begin to feel unwell

I know your pleading eyes
I know your puppy-dog faces
and I know that I can't ever say "no" to you

But do you hear my tired laugh?
Do you see my drained collapse?
Do you sense the tears welling just beyond the pale?

I'm breaking down, sister dear.
I can't carry your burdens forever.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Fooled Ya!

When I'm cycling, I feel nauseous and tired and altogether out of sorts.
I'm short tempered, can barely speak on the phone, and don't really feel up to cooking dinner.

So last week, my sister called to ask if she could come to us for a Shabbos meal. I declined, saying I wasn't feeling well. She responded by inviting us for a meal.

The next thing I knew, my other sister was on the line, inviting us for Shabbos.

I sat on the couch most of the meal.

She thinks I'm pregnant.

Oh well. Better get a few meals out of her before she realizes she was fooled.