Thursday, July 22, 2010

Are You a Mommy?

Are you a Mommy?
she asks sweetly
looking up into my eyes.

No, darling.
Not yet.

Then why are you wearing a sheitel?
she questions.

Because I'm married.

But if you're married,
then you're a Mommy.
She's confused.

I'm married, but I don't have any kinderlach yet.

But you have a Tatty? [husband]
she posits.


So where's your baby?
Even more confused now.

When Hashem wants to, He'll give me one just as sweet as you.

I'm gonna daven that you should have a baby!
she proclaims.

Sweetheart, that's the best thing.

I love you!
She hugs me.

I love you too.

Monday, July 12, 2010

My Vacation

You're so lucky
they say.

You're able to save now
for later.

You don't have to buy
baby food
and all other sundries.

Why don't you go on vacation?

You can afford it.

And here I am.
Just hung up the phone
after speaking to my friend.

Her baby
(born after six years of marriage)
not yet half a year.

And she can barely hold back the tears.
She's out of a job.
Her husband is, too.
Her savings
wiped out
after countless IVF treatments.

She's moving in with her in-laws next week.
Can't afford the rent.

And so I answer you
THAT'S my vacation.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Smooth and creamy
melting on my tongue
trickling down
i can almost
taste it
sweet and bitter
bitter moments
yet so sweet
as i hold my
new nephew
so close
almost like
he's mine
but i've got to
hand him over
don't hurt my
dear, sweet
bitter moment
as i hand him
to his

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Baby Season

It's that time of year again.
You know, when the heat creeps up
and the babies creep out.
And you feel like you're the only one
to stay indoors
because there's no one to take to the park.
So you call up your sister
and (sounding like a really special person)
you offer to take her kids out.
To the park.
To the store.
For ice cream.
Anywhere but your basement apartment.
Of course (being pregnant and perspiring)
she agrees.
And off to the store you go
with your nieces and nephews
to purchase a gift for your sister-in-law's
new baby.
Only it doesn't make you feel better.
You cuddle them close
wipe their noses
give them lollipops
and deliver them back where they came from.
While you go home
to your beautiful apartment
and wait for the call.
Mazal tov!
Your (other) sister had a baby.