Thursday, July 22, 2010

Are You a Mommy?

Are you a Mommy?
she asks sweetly
looking up into my eyes.

No, darling.
Not yet.

Then why are you wearing a sheitel?
she questions.

Because I'm married.

But if you're married,
then you're a Mommy.
She's confused.

I'm married, but I don't have any kinderlach yet.

But you have a Tatty? [husband]
she posits.


So where's your baby?
Even more confused now.

When Hashem wants to, He'll give me one just as sweet as you.

I'm gonna daven that you should have a baby!
she proclaims.

Sweetheart, that's the best thing.

I love you!
She hugs me.

I love you too.


Mystery Woman said...

So sweet. And innocent.

Devorah said...

Wow. That is so touching. I don't know how you answered her so perfectly - even though it must've stung when she said that to you.

Children are so

Soul Comfort said...

This is actually a pretty regular occurrence.
I've learned to cry after they turn away.

Devorah said...

Reading it again made me teary-eyed. I can't even imagine how much pain those sweet and innocent words can

Sun Inside Rain said...

Sounds so painful. It hurts to much more so to have to deal with these questions (albeit innocent ones).


I truly hope you can put all this behind you really soon.