Monday, July 12, 2010

My Vacation

You're so lucky
they say.

You're able to save now
for later.

You don't have to buy
baby food
and all other sundries.

Why don't you go on vacation?

You can afford it.

And here I am.
Just hung up the phone
after speaking to my friend.

Her baby
(born after six years of marriage)
not yet half a year.

And she can barely hold back the tears.
She's out of a job.
Her husband is, too.
Her savings
wiped out
after countless IVF treatments.

She's moving in with her in-laws next week.
Can't afford the rent.

And so I answer you
THAT'S my vacation.


Sun Inside Rain said...

I've heard that said in regard to single girls too.

That's awful that your friend has to move in with her in-laws (no offense to her in-laws!).

:-( Sad...

David_on_the_Lake said...


Something Different said...

I'm with SIR on this. Married friends say this to me all the time, and it's just so wrong. It's one thing to point out a (possible) positive aspect of a person's predicament, but its a whole different thing when you insinuate that the person is lucky for your perceived benefit.

In general, the whole idea of people trying to give chizuk/make light of a bad situation that they've never been in is so wrong. I wrote a post about people giving chizuk to me about diabetes...dunno why I never published it. I'm gonna dig it up and put it up.

It's sad how painful a well meaning person can be....