Saturday, July 3, 2010

Baby Season

It's that time of year again.
You know, when the heat creeps up
and the babies creep out.
And you feel like you're the only one
to stay indoors
because there's no one to take to the park.
So you call up your sister
and (sounding like a really special person)
you offer to take her kids out.
To the park.
To the store.
For ice cream.
Anywhere but your basement apartment.
Of course (being pregnant and perspiring)
she agrees.
And off to the store you go
with your nieces and nephews
to purchase a gift for your sister-in-law's
new baby.
Only it doesn't make you feel better.
You cuddle them close
wipe their noses
give them lollipops
and deliver them back where they came from.
While you go home
to your beautiful apartment
and wait for the call.
Mazal tov!
Your (other) sister had a baby.


justlikeyou said...

I must say this again. I'm glad you started blogging. You take my feelings and put them to words.

I know what you mean...

When I'm home from work and waiting for my husband to come home and I hear the clock ticking in the empty silence.

When I open up the Binah and see that it's all about Bubbies-again!


Stay strong

David_on_the_Lake said...


corner point said...

I feel you... On a slightly smaller scale, I can understand you so much...

It's all about believing--really believing, in your heart, your head, your whole being--that He really knows what He's doing and that this is somehow right for you...and that in the end you'll see how and why it had to be this way.

And at the same time, it's all about prayer...supplication...beseeching... And somehow that heals, too...

My thoughts are with you. Stay strong...

Sun Inside Rain said...

Ouch. It must be so hard, especially in the summer. :-(

Anonymous said...

Wow I just found your blog. I am still navigating the singles scene. I spent the whole day crying and feeling terribly depressed and alone. Even though I may not understand exactly what you are going through,I feel you have given a picture into your world of pain and loneliness.You write beautifully. May Hashem grant your yeshuah very very very soon.