Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Royal (Two Lined) Scepter

I sit
and wait
for His hand
to stretch out
holding that wondrous
with miracle of miracles!
two lines
promising me
the kingdom of my


I am still waiting
for that royal
to gain entry
into a world
I can only dream of.

So many
have I seen.
one-lined scepters.

Yet the second
eludes me.
Does not deign
to grace me
with its royal tap.


Sun Inside Rain said...

Wow, this is brilliant...and I know that's not the point...but this is really wow.

:-( Sending you a {{Hug}}.

Castles in the Air said...

You put my thoughts into words so well, that despite being a lurker, I had to comment. Hope you are soon zoche to the double lined scepter.

Soul Comfort said...

Sun Inside Rain, Thanks. :-) I do try.

Castles in the Air, I'm glad you came out of hiding for a bit. Same to you, b'ezras hashem.

David_on_the_Lake said...

If this is what anxious waiting inspires...I can only imagine what glorious poetry unbridled joy will bring forth...

tembow said...

I've got chills, your poetry is so amazing.

IyH zot hashana- this coming year will bring yeshua and bracha for you and all of klal yisrael.

MerryMoroseandMiredMusings said...

Wow. I know in a sense what you feel like. I hope and pray like crazy every r"chodesh bentching let this be the month... and then nothing. it is so hard. but when those 2 lines come up positive, it will literally be k"heref aiyin. Very soon iy"h.