Sunday, August 22, 2010


A (former) student calls.
Hi Mrs. Soul!
I haven't been in touch in a loooong while,
and just wanted to catch up.

Hey, Lost Soul!
So good to hear from you!
What's been going on on in your life?

So she begins to tell me the tale
of boyfriends lost and gained
of college woes
of family feuds.
She asks my advice
and I answer.

So, Mrs. Soul, how are YOU?

Now she wants to be friends.
Not mentor/mentee
Not teacher/student

Her life is so different from mine.
Her trials and tribulations are
a world apart.

So I answer
Been busy. At work, at home...
Busy and really tired.
You know.

She pauses.
Uuummm.... Yeah I know.

Pause again.
So, when are you due?

I said I'm tired.
Doesn't mean I'm expecting.

she says.
quite embarrassed
and hangs up the phone rather quickly.

I wonder how long it will take for her to call again.


Sun Inside Rain said...

Don't you just love when people make assumptions?

I mean, we all do, unfortunately, but to verbalize it? Ouch.

Mystery Woman said...


MerryMoroseandMiredMusings said...

Wow! She must have felt pretty stupid and serves her right for being so inappropriate!