Thursday, September 2, 2010


I remember when I first got married.
Everything was new.
New apartment.
New roommate.
New pots.
New dishes.
New knives. (ouch!)
Even new garbage pails.

Every feeling was new.
New love.
New arguments.
New understandings.

The halachos were new.
The experiences were new.

Every day was a new day.

All we were waiting for was a
New baby.

But now, it is just the same old,
Same old.

Until there comes a
New year.


Devorah said...

Wow. You write so beautifully.

May the coming year bring lots of good NEWs for all those who are waiting to hear!

David_on_the_Lake said...

A glimmer of hope...

Mystery Woman said...

I second Devorah's bracha. May the new year bring you everything you're hoping and waiting for.

Soul Comfort said...

amen to you all.
thanks for your kind thoughts.

MerryMoroseandMiredMusings said...

It will change IYH, very soon.
It's very difficult to be in a situation that doesn't seem to be changing. Just hold on tight.