Thursday, February 24, 2011

Murder in the First Degree

I remember it like yesterday.
With great trepidation, I opened the FedEx box with the large "refrigerate immediately" sticker. Me? I'm going to have to inject myself? I was terrified. Absolutely shaking.
I read the directions - Open. Twist. Line up the numbers. Pull. Watch a little liquid emerge. Line up the numbers. Pull. Squeeze the stomach. Plunge it in. Wait a few seconds. Pull out.
I felt nauseated. I never dreamed I'd be stabbing myself daily.
Now, it's become old habit.
I stab myself, and more of me dies each time.


Devorah said...

I cannot imagine how painful that must be for you.

I don't have any real words of comfort to offer - all I can say is that you are in my heart and I'm trying to feel along with you. I'm hoping that very soon you will be able to put an end to this cycle of injections so you can start to feel more alive...with a brand new life coming from you!

Mystery Woman said...

I'm gonna echo what Devorah said. Hopefully real soon...