Sunday, June 19, 2011

My Face's Location

Atop my neck
Sits my face
In its most
Usual place

So why do all
Look instead
Towards my middle
'Stead of my head?


Devorah said...

It's so true. It's hard to put into words the feeling a woman gets when she meets someone, anyone and all she gets is a stare at her stomach...can't you just look me in the eye when you ask "how are you?", talk to me, look at my face, not at my stomach to see if you can notice any of the latest developments (when there are none)!

I remember the's to hoping that very soon they'll have what to look at (cuz there's nothing you can do to make them stop looking...)!

aminspiration said...

Some people just lack any sense of tact or sensitivity. I used to think it was rare, but i see it now more and more. They were just never taught i guess.