Monday, May 23, 2011


She promised me a son within the year
That was three years ago.

He promised me a child before Purim
That was more than a year ago.

They promised me the world
Broken promises.


Sun inside Rain said...

Nobody has the power to make such promises.
I'm sorry though that they gave you false hope...

Hopefully Hashem will bentch you with a healthy child very soon!

Devorah said...

That's hard.
That's the danger in believing in anyone other than Hashem. Although there are people who are closer to Him than us regular people, we have to remember where the real power lies - to grant or deny a request.

This is where the danger lies - the stories of when their promises bore fruit, when they said something and it came true - that's what is publicized and then people begin to believe that they have the power, forgetting where the yeshuah really comes from. There are times when Hashem decides not to make it happen - but those stories are not told, they are kept quiet.

Let's remember WHO is the ONLY ONE who can bring about the yeshuah we are waiting for - and daven to HIM and rely on Him only!!

You know how many segulas we've tried? You know how many brachos we've gotten (with time frames too) for my older sister to get engaged?! We're all still waiting...

We learned a strong lesson - rely on Hashem and on Him alone! He knows when the time is right and He is the ONLY one to turn to and daven to.

Tefillah - that's the only segula I believe in!

corti said...

I don't attempt to understand the pain you're going through, but your posts grip my heart.

This video gave me a deeper perspective on the perek of tehillim we say so often:

We all can relate to its message.