Thursday, December 30, 2010

Es Kumt Mir

So, it's been snowing.
Yes, many of us have been locked in our homes, unable to see out of our basement windows.

I think that the reaction of people during snow days tells a lot of their persona.

They can be broken down into these categories:

1) Yes! A day off! Can't wait to snuggle up with a hot cocoa. And even though the gym is closed, I'll still get my exercise shoveling snow.

2) These township people are idiots! How come they can't get to my street even once?!? I'm calling the DPW right now.

3) I have to spend THREE WHOLE DAYS with my kids? I'm not paying tuition!

4) I really don't like the cold, but at least I still have heating and a home. Those poor people stuck on highways and various forms of public transportation!

5) I should have gone shopping to stock up. I should have bought boots. I should have gone to my mother. I should have gone to Florida.

I think that this year, the majority fell onto option 2. People have a feeling of "Es Kumt Mir" - everything is coming to me. Because I exist, people must do for me. So what if they're celebrating a holiday? This is their JOB. So what if the snowfall came down fast and furious? They should have begun plowing earlier. I deserve better. I can't function when things don't run exactly my way.

These people have got to learn fast, or when faced with a REAL test, they will fall down, down, down...

(And yes, maybe things could have been done better. But sounding like fools on a public website is absolutely uncalled for, aside from a Chilul Hashem.)


Devorah said...

I guess I'm still a kid - I LOVE the snow! The more the merrier!!

Sun inside Rain said...

You have my wholehearted agreement. I love the snow, I don't love the inconvenience it often causes. Still, like you say, to make utter fools of themselves by complaining in a forum that won't get them the help that they're yelling for, is beyond me. Or just complaining. Who are they upset at? The One that made it snow?

Sun inside Rain said...

Re: Number 2, I just saw what some streets look like, still unplowed. I don't really blame them for being annoyed.

aminspiration said...

Living in a place where snow is considered a miracle and we all shout with glee at even the hint, the smell of snow..i think i probably fall into category #1..i love snuggling up when its cold!