Wednesday, June 9, 2010

What It Feels Like

Is this what it feels like?

Coming home to a clean house.
No scribbles.
No messes.
No soggy Cheerios mashed into the carpet.

Is this what it feels like?

Saying Shema to myself.
No kisses.
No stories.
No tucking the bedcovers tight.

Is this what it feels like?

Waking up in the morning rested.
No crying.
No feeding.
No rushed goodbyes or mismatched socks.

Yeah, I have it good.
All this free time
To myself.

And you ask yourself
Is this what it feels like?


David_on_the_Lake said...

You take that, that lingers...
in the space that is unknown to many and all too known to few...
and make it real...
It tugs at the heart

Anonymous said...

thank you for providing me with a bit of insight into the pain of some of those around me. it makes it easier for me to be supportive of them without stepping on their emotions.